Hear from former fellows about why their JRP experience was meaningful...

"JRP has changed the way I view my Jewish identity. I have come to realize that being Jewish means so many different things, and it isn't just about being the most religious or the most practicing. It is more about community to me, and discussions that we can have as a community."

 - Greta Kandel (Beren '19)

"JRP is a necessary and important experience at Penn. I feel so fortunate to have been a Pincus fellow this year. I have gained the skills necessary to create Jewish communities in my respective circles for the rest of my life. JRP allows students to tap into a part of their identity that they might not have prioritized or explored yet on campus."

- Zach Essig (Pincus '19 & '20)

"JRP is the perfect way to get students to be more thoughtful and engaged with Jewish life at Penn by making it feel accessible, relevant, and fun. I was able to take initiative and plan events for my sorority that were infused with Jewish themes, conversations, and values that brought girls from various backgrounds together in new ways."

- Remy Gwertzman (Beren '19)

“This Passover Seder may be the best holiday I have ever celebrated. Not only did I get the chance to step up and lead a Jewish ceremony for the first time in my life - a moment that I will forever see as influential in helping me mature and become a better Jew - I also got 30 non-Jews to get excited about learning about and celebrating a holiday that they knew nothing about. I am very happy that I got to enjoy Passover with my friends; I am even happier that I got to share the core values of Judaism with them."

- Will Shaffer (Passover Across Penn Host '18 & '19)

"The JLL experience has made me want to continue my engagement with Hillel through attending events, going to Shabbat dinners, and potentially co-hosting events. It has totally shaped how I view Jewish life at Penn, and will make it a much bigger part of my identity moving forward."

- Annah Chollet (JLLs '19)

"As a direct result of this fellowship, have become more tied to my jewish identity in very profound ways. I feel connected to jewish religion and culture in ways that I did not believe possible and my eyes have been opened to the possibility of turning to jewish text and educators for answers in my life. I want to engrain myself in the jewish community both at penn and in my future life. I am so grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to engage in judaism in this way"

- Sarah Simon (Pincus '19 & '20)

"JRP has been incredible because it has introduced me to the Jewish community at Penn in a way which I had previously thought not possible. As an unreligious Jew, being exposed to and experiencing Judaism in the context of Greek life has been the intellectual thought experiment of a lifetime."

- Adam Bernstein (Beren '18)

"JRP embodies my Jewish growth. It is my Jewish experience. I have had the opportunity to collaboratively explore Jewish ideas and connect to others. I feel extremely lucky to have had this opportunity, as I otherwise would not have explored my Jewish identity, which has become important to me as a result of this fellowship."

- Jane Levy (Beren '18)

"Considering the incoming ZBT class is 100% Jewish, I thought it was essential that we engage a bit with what role Judaism has in shaping our particular fraternity experience.  I am interested in the interplay between Judaism and fraternity life and wanted to know how the incoming pledge class understands this intersection. So we dragged a couch outside, and sat in a large circle on the grass. We talked a lot about the real diversity in terms of engagement with Judaism, but we all felt that being in ZBT really forces you to consider what role Jewish identity might play in your time at Penn. Organizing this event reminded me how I felt as a freshman as I was first trying to wrestle with these questions. It was a positive reflective experience, and it definitely helped me appreciate the Jewish community I have engaged with through both JRP and ZBT."

- Josh Levy (JLLs '17)