There are many Jewish students on Penn's campus who feel comfortable coming into the Hillel building, and finding the Hillel programs that meet their needs. And there are also many Jewish student who do not

- for whatever reason(s) - feel comfortable or at home walking into the Hillel building. The Jewish Renaissance Project (JRP) is the alternative: Jewish connection, relationships, and learning, that are tailored and curated to your own needs, questions, and background. JRP is an outside-the-box alternative for Jewish growth, unconventional leadership opportunities, and creative social experiences.

Our mission is to support you as you figure out what Judaism means to you, and to help you craft ways to weave it into the fabric of your Penn experiences.

JRP programs are diverse. There are many different initiatives designed for freshmen, Greek students, upperclassmen who live off-campus, and everyone else in between. They take place on campus and off, in Philly and elsewhere, in Israel, and beyond.

​If you want to get involved in some particular way, or this just piques your interest but you're not sure exactly what your next move should be, email Sofy Maxman, who will help you figure it out...