The Jewish Renaissance Project (JRP) at Penn creates alternative choices for students who have not previously been involved in organized Jewish life on campus. JRP does not just run programs; JRP builds intensive relationships with students, while generating new communities throughout campus. JRP offers students opportunities to explore their Judaism in meaningful and relevant ways, to foster their Jewish identity development, to deepen their Jewish knowledge and understanding, and to motivate them to live passionate Jewish lives. JRP initiatives are intellectually and spiritually open, and take place all over campus - where students live, work, and play. 

​Please explore the site to learn more about what we offer, or be in touch with us directly.

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JRP offers a variety of opportunities to bring Judaism into your life at Penn. JRP is about you, your interests, your friends, and your Jewish identity. JRP doesn't care whether you come into the Hillel building or not; the goal is to meet you where you're at.

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Student Leadership Retreat

Camp Hayava, August 2019